I’m hip because I’m back to flip

that, dear sir, is not a pebble...it can make calls and text, thats about it

that, dear sir, is not a pebble…it can make calls and text, that’s about it

I’m back to using a flip phone. I’m using my android phone as a dedicated music player at home. Because I have to. To keep me sane and put what order is left in my life. I am cutting myself off the grid, the glowing screen generation. Besides, I ain’t got not much dough to buy another smartphone nowadays.

I’ve reactivated my old motorola krzr K1 ever since my main android phone last year busted a screen while I placed it in my bag. Damn thing was too much of a baby, the massive 5 inch screen cracked easily and now it is essentially a paper weight. I know I should have it repaired at the service center but then the center is only available in Manila and plus it could take months (even a year, based on a friend’s experience w/that company) and also the cost what more or less 50% of how much I bought that stupid thing. F#$ it, i’m not giving in. So, I reactivated my old Samsung Android fone as my main sim1 and my trusty flipfone, a Motorola Krzr K1 circa 2006 as my backup sim2 (picture below)

Nice and shiny dumb phone

because I’ve been going dual-sim since 2011 or so. But then my android fone was already crippled by the fact that its speaker is busted and its battery last only for an hour or two when using wifi or viewing youtube or doing FB or some other heavy shit. So, I always have to connect it to a charger,geez, what a friggin convenience. That’s when I’ve decided to just buy a cheap dumb dual sim phone that won’t bother me with social media connections/games/apps and always begging to be charged.

I have always been a fan of the clamshell/flip phone design since way back. There’s always that cool factor of opening and closing it that never gets old and jaded. Last time I counted, this is my sixth time to have a clamshell phone at one time or another. Starting with the Nokia 7110 (the Matrix fone) then to the cool Motorola Razr V3i then to the Sony Ericsson Z710i which was  my main MP3 player at that time then back to the Motorola Krzr K1 which I still keep in a drawer now. It was replaced by the Samsung E1272 pictured in the uppermost part above. It’s dual sim dual standby and up till now I haven’t charged it since I bought it last Friday. It doesn’t even have a camera, shocking isn’t it and no web browser. Just the basic functions of a phone, call and text. What a relief. Now I have more time to appreciate and do other stuff, notice things around me and not always checking my fone for updates and what not. Is this a rant post? No, not really, just saying kinda thing. Now I can focus on my art or something….wish me luck.