Hellfest X: A Decade of Cebu’s Underground Metal Scene

Unleashing Hell this March 8, 2014

Unleashing Hell this March 8, 2014

My band’s going to play again. I don’t know it its a good thing or not. We have been on a sabbatical for a year and some months now. By the way, the band’s been brewing up some new original material to debut on Hellfest X, 2 friggin’ compositions hopefully just in time. Stay tuned. Prepare for war gentlemen and ladies \m/. Hope to see you guys there soon. Horns up and stay brutal.


Restart, Rewind and eventual Eject


Lately, a lot of my artist friends like Tom and Suede posted in their blogs and FB walls that they’d be tugging along their respective drawing notebooks and sketch anything that comes to mind everyday…EVERYDAY. Whew, that even sounds hard. Be it character studies, designs, fan art or whatnot just as long as you draw something everyday to flex your art muscles so to speak. Well, as far as I can tell, I’ve been promising such an act since 2007 and bought myself a notebook and some pens and markers and all the time I let myself down by not pushing thru with it, maybe a couple of sketches here and there and stopped on my tracks.

Well, here again folks I am promising myself and start doing another one in another notebook I bought off the shelves (a 10×14 cm. notebook). Wish me luck and hope to the gods that I’d finish drawing something on them 121 blank pages. I know some would wager that I’d fail after reading this post, but, whatever man. Nothing to lose here. Anything I can think off. I don’t really know what the outcome might be but I do hope its positive. Here’s for starters. The usual bat piece done during work break today. I’d be posting these buggers if time permits and I could get to upload it to my Tumblr account or here, but I beleive Tumblr is much easier, i’ll tag it as sketch-a-day. So keep posted or whatever. Egg me on or something.

Updates?! What update?!!!

I’m not going to apologize or something here and say sorry for not updating this blog. It would be utterly futile. Nobody reads my post anyways, hehehehe. I am very thankful recently for a good friend of mine The great Tom Perez gave me an early Christmas gift by giving me an awesome comic book issue of Batman/Lobo: Dead Serious No. 1. He just pops up one day and says he wants to give me something out of the blue. How cool is that. Anyways, he knows that I know that everyone knows that I LOVE Sam Kieth art, so, I was in geek heaven then and now. Thanks again buddy, much appreciated, brought tears in my eyes. Here’s the comics I was telling you guys about:

Batman and Lobo in One Comic Book + Sam Kieth = AWESOMENESS

Anyways, after reading this issue, in all honesty, not Kieth’s best writing gig but the art is always consistently Sam Kieth awesome so there you go, quick review or something. But then it got me inspired into sketching again and all I have on hand was my son’s Megasketcher. So, what the heck, I gave it a whirl and this is what I have came up with as a tribute:

1399715_10202500866549099_361533323_o 1402360_10202500579461922_57832751_o

I think that will be all for now. Wish me luck or something. I’ve been kinda off lately, just busy with the day job and all.


So, that’s what it feels like..and some updates

I fellow artist blogger recently commented on a post from my now defunct blog (The Pencil Pushing Area) that an Indian Google+ user by the name of Srikara Srinidhi is swiping an old sketch I did of Wolverine way back 2009. I feel weird all of a sudden. A little violated. Now I know how some real comic book artist feel about there works being swiped up and auctioned on ebay or somewhere as other than their own. It’s something to blog about, at least. I don’t know what the purpose said guy was or was he just like inking over the sketch I did for practice, for impressing a girl or just for kicks. One things for sure, he did not even mentioned me the slightest bit and that grinds my gear even though I myself I’m not much of a piece of work, I am not Jim Lee or Oliver Coipel who deserves to be aped at, hell, I rarely even sketch nowadays for I am focusing all my comic book energy (yeah, right) in writing some story pieces for our own little indie comics here in Cebu.  In all decency he should have at least posted the link back to my original sketch post (which is this one, if anyone’s interested) or mentioned my name and my blog as source in his Google+ post (which is here, if anyone’s interested). Give credit to where it is due or something like that. Thank to Kalegiro, who happens to be have an awesome webcomics up entitled A New Life for the heads up and informing me about it.

Hey, cool art....WTF! wait a minute, thats mine!!!

Hey, cool art….WTF! wait a minute, thats mine!!!

Anyways, enough of that. Just want to air out or fart out or something. I do hope he comes to his senses though. Its not cool, its not bad-ass.

Update: I have browsed thru the swiper guy’s Google+ page and it seems he swipes from a lot of artist and a lot of users have already pointed out to him to please give credit to the original artists he swiped upon but he has a thick skull, I guess. I think he just likes to ink over other’s art without acknowledging the original, WTF. 


In other news, I know I haven’t blogged that much (hey, we no I have not blog squat really) lately and no new sketches or something. Like always, I have been busy with my day job and all and that’s whats keeping food on the table so rightly so but comics and art never left my mind. Well, the 3rd Cebu Comics Convention is still on and were still months away and I feel I am still on the safe side with regards to the deadline we have to put out for the con. My best bud and partner in crime the Zerulean Druid and I have already discussed, over drinking spree of course, a twelve pager for a flipside comics we plan on releasing this coming C3 and I already emailed to him the first 6 pages of it and now I’m waiting on his thumbs and character references before we really start work on the pages. I’m excited as hell. Imagine a cross between Hellblazer, Jonah Hex and Trese, that’s what we are cooking up. Nuff said.

Fan Art : Kalayaan

As per my previous post here and  continuing w/ my local theme from my previous post. I am finally done with my take on Sir Gio‘s Kalayaan but I cheated somewhat because instead of finishing the inks digitally which was the original plan and I backed out because I think I was getting out of hand w/ all the lines and cross hatches that I did. I was almost calling it quits and start from scratch then I decided what the hey, finish it off traditionally. With only markers at hand I labored away and come up w/ this piece. I still think though that I got out of hand with the inking process, next time I should clean things up on future pieces. Colors /minor touch ups and lens flare via PS of course. Below is the original rough sketch before the ghastly deed of inking over it. I still think and am afraid of inking my penciled drawings, I’m still getting a hang of it and hope to improve. Comments and rants highly appreciated.

WIP: Kalayaan Fan-Art 10% done and counting

Just want to do a quick update of what I’m working on right now over the long weekend, a possible finished Fan Art of Sir Gio Paredes‘ superhero “Kalayaan“. It’s my first time inking over my pencils over PS digitally via my cheapo pen tablet, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope I can manage to finish it. It’s so damn hard as with anything first. This decision to ink digitally stemmed over from my previous post here after I was trying to clean up my old unused nibs to do some inking action but alas, to my dismay, almost every nib was broken, inks not flowing and the like and it kind of pissed me off and decided to try to do this one digitally. Others can do it so why can’t I or something like that. So, keep posted and wish me luck on this one….