Well, lookit heeere, a typewriter thingamajig.


I always wanted a typewriter and decided on a whim that I’d buy myself one last Christmas as a gift to my self, retro style while everyone else was receiving the current trends in tech as gifts…and NO, I ain’t no hipster. I won’t be dragging this thing a long in a cafe and get weird annoying looks from millenials whilst they prod it with a stick and saying ewww. We had a typewriter before, way back in high school and college. I even forgot the brand but I believe it was a Chinese portable one because I fondly remembered it having a flimsy design and plastic all over. And also, back in college, we had a typing class still, so I am quite familiar with using one. It’s like being back to basics kinda thing. Lesser distractions to my writing (ehgaahd!) was my primary goal into having one again or so my brain lead me to believe (crosses fingers and toes).

Anyways, searched high and low on the local online trading site and viola! Found a vintage 1966 Facit TP1 midsized portable typewriter within my area including the carrying case, dust, grime, rust, cobwebs and all. Met with the seller after Christmas day to her place to see and check out the unit if it was still in working condition and so far, so good. All it ever really needed was a little TLC and it should work out fine by my estimates. After arriving home, I bought a new typewriter ribbon (still amazed that the bookstore still sells some) and some cleaning materials and searched for the web on the how-to’s and don’ts to cleaning and maintaining typewriters. The interwebs was really a huge help. After my initial cleaning everything went A-OK as I typed on it and truly is in good working condition but I still have to work out on some rusty areas some time soon. Hallelujah! Here’s an initial typeface specimen:


So far, the only downside is that it is quite heavy for a portable IMHO but, as with every deal, there is always a trade off. Also, I’m still waiting to warm up to the typeface. The lowercase is still capitalized on a smaller scale, albeit, but I like the clean modern look of it though. I know it will grow on me in due time…or do I need another typewriter?! hmmmm. Been reading a lot of good reviews on this baby from the typosphere.

It’s been a long while and I have been relearning and flexing my typing muscles again into this baby currently and liking it. Wish me luck. Now all I have to figure out how to activate the wifi on this beauty and everything will be all set ūüôā


Fret not, digitizing typewritten things are now somewhat fairly easy using an OCR app like Office Lens or Evernote or Google Notes so I think it will be swell to use a typewriter for drafting things out and type with reckless abandon and revising things later on a PC. 01/01/2017 18:27 Office Lens





Dying in the darkness
Now one of us
Bitten by the wolf
Now one of us
— C. Barnes, Six Feet Under-Lycantrophy


Bones shifting, body’s aching. Feel the change growing inside and out.

100 Word Challenge Done…Now What?!

Confused young man with a laptop and typing machine on a table

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I have finished my self-imposed 30 day 100 Words-a-Day Story Challenge. You can read all the very short shorts here. It began last March 2 and ended March 31st. It was a challenge to overcome my writing fears and develop some kind of habit which I did but then again right after I was done I was back to my older lazy assed self and did not write up until today. What a chomp I have been. Anyways, I learned many things from the challenge, namely:

  1. It can be done. The habit forming to write something, anything everyday for the rest of your miserable life whether for pleasure, for posterity or like what I aim to be, a writer. You just need a whole lot of will power everyday not to get side tracked from other, more enjoyable things like watching a good movie or hanging out with friends.
  2. You learn many things about the craft along the way. Like correct format, punctuation, word usage and a thesaurus as a life saver.
  3. You have a long way to go. Prepare for the long haul. Dedication, dedication, dedication.
  4. Start small aim big. I made the challenge and set it to 100 words only as a stepping stone and boy was I wrong. Making a story work with just 100 words is hard, a lot of hack and slash happens to the work. I do hope what I churn out from day 1 to the end could somehow be palatable or decent enough to build my rep.
  5. Distractions, distractions, distractions. Focus is the key.
  6. All we need is a little bit of a push (be it on the 50th floor of a building) and once you start, you can pull through it in the end.
All in all, it was a great experience. An eye opener and definitely not an exercise in futility. Now, a new challenge awaits me.


100 Words thus far


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I’ve been busy challenging myself of late. To write a precise 100 word story a day for 30 days because I feel up to it. As of today, I am in my 20th day and 10 more days to go. Whew. 100 words is not much when you look at it from a readers point of view but writing it, now that’s another matter all together. You have the responsibility to write a somewhat complete story that has a beginning, a middle and an end in a very concise manner. Brevity is a must. Damn, it’s hard. I literally sweat things out just to produce a decent story a day. You start out long words fly out all over the place and an hour later you edit the hell out of it to make it coherent and yeah, 100 words precisely. It’s that hard. Sometimes even a completed story will be hacked up from the original and never looking like the first draft. Also, at times, the story writes itself out refusing what you had in mind in the first place and you just have to let go. The worst can happen is you just stare at a blank page on your computer screen and wait for something to come up. I can not honestly say that what I am currently making is an authentic piece of short fiction or drabble as it is officially called because I have no one to edit or critique my works. All I can ever hope is that I am on the right track and not making a mockery or anything. But who gives a flying frig, nobody reads my post anyways. I heavily rely from the net as always for my resource, such us this site here and here. ¬†My goal after this challenge is to finally write a short story (a 500 words or more). I am making steps, baby steps but steps nonetheless and I am quite happy with the direction I am going for now.