I am always hard…I am a tree for frags sake!

It has been awhile…I make no lame excuses. Anyways, I’ve recently read volume 2 (Issue 1 to 25) of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy run last year to prep myself for the upcoming movie …because I am like that. hehehe.. Man, the comics blew me away. I can’t get enough so I’ve decided to read the latest Guardians run (volume 3) this weekend which led me to itch a sketch of this lovable big guy. No excuses. Just a post. I can live with that.


Restart, Rewind and eventual Eject


Lately, a lot of my artist friends like Tom and Suede posted in their blogs and FB walls that they’d be tugging along their respective drawing notebooks and sketch anything that comes to mind everyday…EVERYDAY. Whew, that even sounds hard. Be it character studies, designs, fan art or whatnot just as long as you draw something everyday to flex your art muscles so to speak. Well, as far as I can tell, I’ve been promising such an act since 2007 and bought myself a notebook and some pens and markers and all the time I let myself down by not pushing thru with it, maybe a couple of sketches here and there and stopped on my tracks.

Well, here again folks I am promising myself and start doing another one in another notebook I bought off the shelves (a 10×14 cm. notebook). Wish me luck and hope to the gods that I’d finish drawing something on them 121 blank pages. I know some would wager that I’d fail after reading this post, but, whatever man. Nothing to lose here. Anything I can think off. I don’t really know what the outcome might be but I do hope its positive. Here’s for starters. The usual bat piece done during work break today. I’d be posting these buggers if time permits and I could get to upload it to my Tumblr account or here, but I beleive Tumblr is much easier, i’ll tag it as sketch-a-day. So keep posted or whatever. Egg me on or something.

Fan Art : Kalayaan

As per my previous post here¬†and ¬†continuing w/ my local theme from my previous post.¬†I am finally done with my take on Sir Gio‘s Kalayaan but I cheated somewhat because instead of finishing the inks digitally which was the original plan and I backed out because I think I was getting out of hand w/ all the lines and cross hatches that I did. I was almost calling it quits and start from scratch then I decided what the hey, finish it off traditionally. With only markers at hand I labored away and come up w/ this piece. I still think though that I got out of hand with the inking process, next time I should clean things up on future pieces. Colors /minor touch ups and lens flare via PS of course. Below is the original rough sketch before the ghastly deed of inking over it. I still think and am afraid of inking my penciled drawings, I’m still getting a hang of it and hope to improve. Comments and rants highly appreciated.

WIP: Kalayaan Fan-Art 10% done and counting

Just want to do a quick update of what I’m working on right now over the long weekend, a possible finished Fan Art of Sir Gio Paredes‘ superhero “Kalayaan“. It’s my first time inking over my pencils over PS digitally via my cheapo pen tablet, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope I can manage to finish it. It’s so damn hard as with anything first. This decision to ink digitally stemmed over from my previous post here after I was trying to clean up my old unused nibs to do some inking action but alas, to my dismay, almost every nib was broken, inks not flowing and the like and it kind of pissed me off and decided to try to do this one digitally. Others can do it so why can’t I or something like that. So, keep posted and wish me luck on this one….

Fan Art: Kapitan Tog

Kapitan Tog : Ang Superhero na Palaging Nauuntog

It’s the start of a long weekend and it’s a Holy Week and what better way to spend it than to do some sketches and stuff. I promised myself that I’d be productive art wise. ¬†I’ve been meaning to do a fan art of Kapitan Tog like forever since I first heard and read Sir Freely Abrigo‘s comics creations like the comic strip Kulas and then Kapitan Tog. Finally I had the time and the inclination now to do so. I do hope I did this piece a little justice.

On a side note:

I recently rummage thru my art tools and to my surprise my pen nibs (speedball hunt nibs) were in various states of ¬†deterioration. Rust all over due to none usage and improper storage. I was trying to clean it up and brush off them rust and I did but now the problem was as I was trying to use it, the nibs specially the small ones like the Hunt 102’s and 107’s were not flowing ink as it supposed to be no matter how I tried I even broke one just by forcing it to work now I don’t have a working quill to practice my inking. Poor me, back to working on markers I suppose which I don’t really like because the blacks are not that black unlike when your using nibs and ¬†black india/china ink. I was hoping to practice and get the hang of using it again but alas, to no avail. Wish I could find some replacements soon. Last time I checked, the local shops don’t carry them anymore. Well, gotta move on and bite the bullet.

Fan Art: Kid Spawn

Kid Spawn

Well, I guess I’m back, again (is there an echo here?). I’ve been wanting to get back to sketching and drawing again for the nth time now and I think it has been a year since I picked up my pencil and drew again. I keep putting it off and do some productive procrastinating (like catching up on my slush pile and reading again), which I am quite an expert at, instead but lately the urge was too great that just this morning I dust off my drawing tools and fired up PS and this is what I came up with after much lead biting and erasures abound. I’m not really proud of this one but give me some time and hopefully I can come up with something decent and not some kid variant of some superhero, so help me on this one. I promise someday I’ll do a decent Spawn sketch to post up soon. Spawn is one of those way cool Image titles in the 90’s that I really admire a-lot even to this day. It’s like a comics cross between Batman and Punisher and the Walking Dead (hehehe) and kudos to Todd Macfarlane coz Spawn is still currently kicking @SS with Issue No. 227.

Hey, you know what, I think I’ll go on with an Image characters sketch theme in my next blog post, what do you guys think?

Anywho, wish me luck and hope I don’t succumb yet again to productive procrastinating ¬†anytime soon and with my day job and all nobody knows what will happen next.

Sketch was done the traditional pencil and inked over w/ some pens and cleaned out and colored on PS for some effect (i.e. hide some dirt and puurty things up). This is my first blog art post for this new blog of mine (if your interested on some of my old stuff head on over to the links below my old blog) and my first attempt over a long dry spell folks, so bear with me.

Here’s the original scanned sketch: