R.L. Bertulfo a.k.a. the Demontekken, Mangtas and Chummy  is currently residing in Cebu City, Philippines (Latitude-10.3100 Longitude-123.8900). Currently doing bass/vocal duties for a local death/thrash metal band (even from its inception in 1994) and is into blogging, social-networking, chatting and surfing the web for info (i.e., illegally downloading stuffs and ogling at pron) and some amatuerish drawings/sketchings of his favorite comicbook heroes/comic strips on the side which he shameless plugs in this site every so often and as a last recourse in life, is a regular employee in some agency by day to help satisfy the daily necessities in life. He constantly yearns to be an artist and is failing at it gradually because he procrastinates too much for his own good which relatively affects this blog being updated regularly.

About this blog

This blog serves as a chronicle, journal and a work-in-progress of the authors interest, mainly on his writings/poetry/ sketches/drawings/lineart and sequential art. Rants  and babbles about his current interest or short attention span. In some instances  this blog can be an observational platform for the human condition that is ever hopeless and dismal as viewed and askewed by the author and in vain attempts would also post some off themed topics and events that the author feels like posting herein.

For the wandering, offended, baffled, or simply disgusted individual browsing kindly view the Disclaimer page.

Hey, thanks for taking interest and/or whatever. Till our paths cross again.


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