Happy New Year


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It has been awhile, 2016 wasn’t really a good year for me and do hope 2017 will be. Crossing fingers and toes y’all. Here’s a somewhat list of personally significant things I did in 2016, all of which occurred only on the later part of 2016 (so, basically, I did nothing much on the early part really) :

  1. Seriously into poetry again after all these years….Cebuano Poetry or Balak in particular.
  2. Attended (much to my wife’s insistence… I can’t be a hermit forever) a two day poetry workshop organized by Cebu Litfest.
  3. Published a Balak piece included in the Cebu Literary Festival Poetry Folio 2016 (read it here) which culminated in Ayala Center Cebu last November 26, 2016.
  4. Electronically published/submitted three pieces (read it here) of Balak for the seminal Kabisdak blog focusing on Cebuano Poetry from various balakeros/balakeras from around the globe.
  5. ….and yeah, I’ve conquered my GoodReads Book Reading challenge for 2016, to read 10 books in which I’ve read 11 and the 12th one almost made it to 2016.


2017….please be gently with me.



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