I challenge thee myself for 2016

nature-medieval-knights-tags-knight-sword-drawing-image-resolution-x-276684I challenge Thee….(image source)

Just turned 40 *slow clap* and as the saying goes, life begins. So shall start my own challenge/s to mark it’s significance. I have imposed upon myself to start taking writing seriously with the hopes of improving because I have been off putting this one for as long as I can remember. Thus, I am taking small steps by imposing a 100 word/character story challenge (look up drabble or fast fiction if you will) upon myself hopefully daily for 30 days or till I run out of steam if ever I am up to it thereafter. I just started it this March 2 but I’ve posted my entries to another new blog journal at LiveJournal so as not to mingle with every mixed bag of a blog and also I want to dip into using the bloghost for I have been doing WordPress for far too long. Head on over HERE to view my futile attempts at flash fiction. After I get a feel for writing and gather much confidence I will increase the word count gradually like maybe a 500 word or even a 1000 word challenge even (it will be impossible to post daily for that, I know). Wish me luck.

Also, by the gods, I will try to read and finish some pending slush piles I have been accumulating. Hopefully a book a month? Or is it too much of a challenge for me? Well see.

And also, I will be updating this blog as a challenge this year. I know nobody reads this so what the F. So, that’s three challenges for me to accomplish and what better way to do these things than by cutting off interweb time and productive procrastination. So help me, by the gods. And lets not forget this coming October I do hope I can participate to the Inktober Challenge as well coz I’ve been in it for 2 years now. So, we can add that one too. Whew.

My main band is on hiatus and so is our indie comics gig so there’s more time to focus on the challenges at hand but I am not discounting them for maybe something will come up this year. Nuff said.



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