Updates?! What update?!!!

I’m not going to apologize or something here and say sorry for not updating this blog. It would be utterly futile. Nobody reads my post anyways, hehehehe. I am very thankful recently for a good friend of mine The great Tom Perez gave me an early Christmas gift by giving me an awesome comic book issue of Batman/Lobo: Dead Serious No. 1. He just pops up one day and says he wants to give me something out of the blue. How cool is that. Anyways, he knows that I know that everyone knows that I LOVE Sam Kieth art, so, I was in geek heaven then and now. Thanks again buddy, much appreciated, brought tears in my eyes. Here’s the comics I was telling you guys about:

Batman and Lobo in One Comic Book + Sam Kieth = AWESOMENESS

Anyways, after reading this issue, in all honesty, not Kieth’s best writing gig but the art is always consistently Sam Kieth awesome so there you go, quick review or something. But then it got me inspired into sketching again and all I have on hand was my son’s Megasketcher. So, what the heck, I gave it a whirl and this is what I have came up with as a tribute:

1399715_10202500866549099_361533323_o 1402360_10202500579461922_57832751_o

I think that will be all for now. Wish me luck or something. I’ve been kinda off lately, just busy with the day job and all.



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