WIP: Kalayaan Fan-Art 10% done and counting

Just want to do a quick update of what I’m working on right now over the long weekend, a possible finished Fan Art of Sir Gio Paredes‘ superhero “Kalayaan“. It’s my first time inking over my pencils over PS digitally via my cheapo pen tablet, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope I can manage to finish it. It’s so damn hard as with anything first. This decision to ink digitally stemmed over from my previous post here after I was trying to clean up my old unused nibs to do some inking action but alas, to my dismay, almost every nib was broken, inks not flowing and the like and it kind of pissed me off and decided to try to do this one digitally. Others can do it so why can’t I or something like that. So, keep posted and wish me luck on this one….


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