Fan Art : Kalayaan

As per my previous post here and  continuing w/ my local theme from my previous post. I am finally done with my take on Sir Gio‘s Kalayaan but I cheated somewhat because instead of finishing the inks digitally which was the original plan and I backed out because I think I was getting out of hand w/ all the lines and cross hatches that I did. I was almost calling it quits and start from scratch then I decided what the hey, finish it off traditionally. With only markers at hand I labored away and come up w/ this piece. I still think though that I got out of hand with the inking process, next time I should clean things up on future pieces. Colors /minor touch ups and lens flare via PS of course. Below is the original rough sketch before the ghastly deed of inking over it. I still think and am afraid of inking my penciled drawings, I’m still getting a hang of it and hope to improve. Comments and rants highly appreciated.


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