Fan Art: Kapitan Tog

Kapitan Tog : Ang Superhero na Palaging Nauuntog

It’s the start of a long weekend and it’s a Holy Week and what better way to spend it than to do some sketches and stuff. I promised myself that I’d be productive art wise.  I’ve been meaning to do a fan art of Kapitan Tog like forever since I first heard and read Sir Freely Abrigo‘s comics creations like the comic strip Kulas and then Kapitan Tog. Finally I had the time and the inclination now to do so. I do hope I did this piece a little justice.

On a side note:

I recently rummage thru my art tools and to my surprise my pen nibs (speedball hunt nibs) were in various states of  deterioration. Rust all over due to none usage and improper storage. I was trying to clean it up and brush off them rust and I did but now the problem was as I was trying to use it, the nibs specially the small ones like the Hunt 102’s and 107’s were not flowing ink as it supposed to be no matter how I tried I even broke one just by forcing it to work now I don’t have a working quill to practice my inking. Poor me, back to working on markers I suppose which I don’t really like because the blacks are not that black unlike when your using nibs and  black india/china ink. I was hoping to practice and get the hang of using it again but alas, to no avail. Wish I could find some replacements soon. Last time I checked, the local shops don’t carry them anymore. Well, gotta move on and bite the bullet.


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