Fan Art: Kid Spawn

Kid Spawn

Well, I guess I’m back, again (is there an echo here?). I’ve been wanting to get back to sketching and drawing again for the nth time now and I think it has been a year since I picked up my pencil and drew again. I keep putting it off and do some productive procrastinating (like catching up on my slush pile and reading again), which I am quite an expert at, instead but lately the urge was too great that just this morning I dust off my drawing tools and fired up PS and this is what I came up with after much lead biting and erasures abound. I’m not really proud of this one but give me some time and hopefully I can come up with something decent and not some kid variant of some superhero, so help me on this one. I promise someday I’ll do a decent Spawn sketch to post up soon. Spawn is one of those way cool Image titles in the 90’s that I really admire a-lot even to this day. It’s like a comics cross between Batman and Punisher and the Walking Dead (hehehe) and kudos to Todd Macfarlane coz Spawn is still currently kicking @SS with Issue No. 227.

Hey, you know what, I think I’ll go on with an Image characters sketch theme in my next blog post, what do you guys think?

Anywho, wish me luck and hope I don’t succumb yet again to productive procrastinating  anytime soon and with my day job and all nobody knows what will happen next.

Sketch was done the traditional pencil and inked over w/ some pens and cleaned out and colored on PS for some effect (i.e. hide some dirt and puurty things up). This is my first blog art post for this new blog of mine (if your interested on some of my old stuff head on over to the links below my old blog) and my first attempt over a long dry spell folks, so bear with me.

Here’s the original scanned sketch:


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