Poetry Reading

Beat Poetess Extraordinaire Chai

Beat Poetess Extraordinaire Chai

Last night I attended the 2nd Poetry Reading event held at the La Belle Aurore Bookshop at Junquera St. near the USC-Main Campus. It was my very first time to attend to such and it silently aligned with the event’s theme which was about all things “First”. Me and good pal/old buddy/all around good guy John decided to witness one because we both have our poetic tendencies now and then so we kind of hoped the gig would inspire us to try our dibs again and flirt with our individual poetic muses. It has been awhile and we miss poetry. And surely, we were overwhelmed and inspired at the same time with all the participants and gatherers there present. It was a worthwhile event to be sure and my hat’s off to The Nomads Quarterly , headed by the bad boy of Cebuano Poetry Mr. Eric Tuban, for organizing the event which was also the launching of their first ever issue of The Nomads Quarterly Poetry and Art Mag. You can score a dead tree copy at La Belle Aurore Bookshop or you can view the contents of the issue at their above-linked site if you’re one of those digitally inclined individuals.

As far as I can tell, there were a lot of poets (duh) and some writers present, naturally. Sorry, if I am still unfamiliar with then just yet, I am treading new ground here being that my art niche is on the comic book and extreme metal scene side of things and it is my first venture to the Cebuano Poetry scene but I believe I will be familiar with them soon enough. We were seated at the back of the performers so we had a weird angle on things then because the gig was full and we had no choice but to take seat. Nevertheless, I was not complaining. The readings were ranging from hurried to the heartfelt, in english and bisaya. One notable person to stand out was Ms. “Beat Poet” Chai Fonacier (pictured above). I had a great time watching her perform and strut her balak in front of the cheering crowd. One thing I can clearly tell is that she is terribly popular with the crowd that night.

Honestly, I wasn’t able to finish the set and have not heard Beat Poetess Chai perform her songs much as I have wanted to because we left early around 9:30 PM because we have to be somewhere else 30 mins. after at that point in time so I felt guilty somewhat but I already had got the overall feel and vibe of the gig. To tell you the truth, my band had a scheduled gig last night somewhere in Mandaue City but the band decided we won’t get to play the gig because of jamming/preparation constraints and I opted to not show up at my gig instead I decided to watch the poetry reading instead because I was more interested in it and we (the band) was not playing anyways so why add insult to injury by being there instead. Anyways, I was glad I came to the poetry reading. It was a unique and learning experience and I hope I have the guts to participate in the open mic soon and read out loud some cheesy poetry that I happen to cook up, but I won’t promise anything. I was comfortable just being the audience for once. I know for a fact that performing live with a band can be nerve racking a couple of minutes to the set but afterwards its all headbanging and sweat and I bet reading poetry out loud is a different beast all together with all the lights and your audience ready to devour every word you that comes forth from where ever depths of your bared soul whence it came from. So, I think I be happy just being part of the audience cum next scheduled poetry reading.



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